Life Stream of Magic

Life magic, or Zomajea?, is one of the Five Streams of Magic in Shijuren. It manipulates the energy of living things. Most languages have their own term for a Life magician, but the Imperial term of zokurios (pl. zokurioi) is accepted across the world.

Zokurioi see energy fields around living things, and can draw from or influence those fields in many ways. They can heal or harm living things, but does not have much power over non-living things unless a living thing can affect that non-living item. For example, a zokurios could not affect a boulder. However, if the boulder was near a tree, he or she could influence the tree’s roots to grow swiftly and shatter that boulder.

The more living things around a zokurios, the more powerful the magic he or she can perform. A zokurios is especially powerful in a jungle, for example. They can imbue extra personal power in a place, such as a garden or a grove, that enchances their individual power. Furthermore, items such as a staff cut from a tree in that grove, can allow a zokurios to carry some of that power with them, though that power is much reduced compared to actually being in their home.

Other Terms for Zokurioi

Notable Zokurioi

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