Heithrun Batsell

Heithrun Batsell (1662 MG - Present) is a symkurios trained at the college in Haapavesa. She is also a student of ancient history.

From the Books: "Donnghal stepped inside the tower. It was some shelter, but not much. The far wall had mostly collapsed. Still, it seemed palatial given the past month. The ceithreann? gratefully settled in.

All except Heithrun, who stood next to a wall, rubbing moss away from the ancient blocks. She mumbled to herself excitedly as she looked at symbols barely distinguishable in the fading daylight. She pulled out her lightstone and ran it along the writing.

Donnghal went over to her. 'What did you find, Heithrun?'

'It’s Old Imperial?, in a script we’ve not seen in well over a thousand years.'


'What does it say?'

'It says Ingvaeonic Cohort, Favored by the Owl and Servants of Aurilius Ianuarius Sergius.' Seeing the confused look on his face, she explained, 'This was one of the legendary Old Imperial armies. Probably the one that conquered this part of the Kreisens in the first place. There’s been quite a bit of debate over who led that army because even Old Imperial records get lost on occasion. This suggests that Aurelius, who would become emperor almost two centuries before Basil II, led them.'”
- Brief Is My Flame , p. 317.

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