Panteleimon Mrnjavcevic

Panteleimon Mrnjavcevic (918 MG - 991 MG) was a minor member of the Mrnjavcevic family of the Dassaretae tribe in the city of Achrida, Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

He was a skilled gekurios who devoted his time attempting to understand how humanity and light interact. He also studied herbs, drugs, and medicines, preferring to use these instead of magic whenever possible. Since he had two children die during their birth, he also spent many years learning how to make childbirth and pregnancy safer. His deeds were such that he was venerated as god even before his death, and his cult grew quickly. He was named one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, and he is worshipped across the Empire of Makhaira and in many neighboring regions including the Kingdom of Matara? and the Old Empire.

Pronunciation: pan-TAY-la-mon murn-yav-CHEH-vich

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