Timoshenko Fedorovich

Timoshenko Fedorvich (1668 MG - present) is a jeweler living in the city of Lezh, Lezhum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

He often works with Ylli Logoreki, the kraljevic.

From the Books: "I had expected my eyes to adjust to the gloom of an interior room when we walked into Timoshenko’s workshop from the sunny morning. Instead, a miniature sun assaulted our eyes as we entered.

As my eyes reacted, I realized that the small sun was merely a large oil lamp set amongst mirrors that amplified and reflected its light. Immediately below the light, a table with various delicate tools sat before a tall man with lanky, blond hair balding on top and bound in a tail in the back.

He looked up, dropping a glass from one peering eye to rest on his chest where its cord held it." - TEOAD , p. 159