Dardan Drobnjak

Dardan Drobnjak (1674 MG - present) is the owner of the Westering Winds Inn in the city of Lezh, Lezhum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

He is a member of the Drobnjaci?, a sub-tribe of the Dassaretae who live on the border of Dassaretum Province and Lezhum Province.

From the Books: "As I answered, Sebastijan turned onto a street that led along a ridge overlooking Lezh. The Westering Winds sat in an odd little dell, and the reason for its name became immediately obvious. A continuous zephyr carrying west from land to sea cooled the street before it.

'Sebastijan! You here to pay for last time?'

Sebastijan wryly smiled as a short but impressively pudgy man yelled from the doorway." - TEOAD , p. 145