Vestnik actually means "herald" or "messenger" in Periaslavlan. The plural form is vestniki. Now, however, the term refers to a small number of highly trained people who serve in a variety of roles, primarily as troubleshooters and spies, for the Matriarchate of Periaslavl.

In the early 800s, Velikomat Lyudmilya Sergeiovna? realized that as Periaslavl grew and came into contact with neighboring realms, Periaslavl would need alternatives to pure military units such as the pomestniki. She started using her heralds, who were already experienced with rough travel in dangerous and wild areas, for more delicate tasks. Later Velikomats increased their training and role, and they became the force they are now.

Though they are skilled in the use of borrokakitol?, the Euskalerrian martial art, they are trained to avoid killing people. One of their mottos is: "If we kill, we fail." Some of this tradition comes from the original position of messenger and diplomat. Still, success is their paramount goal, and if they must kill to protect Periaslavl, they will.

For a variety of reasons, the pomestniki and vestniki do not get along well. Though they work together when needed, their roles and methods are so different, a rivalry was almost inevitable.

Some vestniki:
Akulina Ivanovna
Aleksander Dmitrovich
Alois Markovich
Ippolit Pavlovich
Jekaterina Kazimirovna?
Karina Gregovna
Kuzma Lavrentovich
Radislav Rodjanovich
Valentin Karlovich

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