Line Stream of Magic

Line magic, or Symmajea?, is one of the Five Streams of Magic in Shijuren. It manipulates runes, writing, and symbols. Most languages have their own term for a Line magician, but the Imperial term of symkurios (pl. symkurioi) is accepted across the world.

The most versatile of the streams, Symmajea can essentially do anything if a symkurios can create a pattern they can recognize as a symbol. Not every symbol works for every symkurioi. For example, some use runes, others use music, and still others have their own symbolic vocabulary.

Nevertheless, some symbols can be taught. For example, one of the first set of symbols taught is some version allowing the symkurios to determine whether or not a person is speaking truthfully.

As a symkurios becomes more experienced, and as their symbolic vocabulary becomes larger, they can increasingly create the own symbols that might influence something.

There are often many types of symbols that can achieve similar effects. For example, a symbol on a banner can increase the military might of a unit, but so can a particular song.

The materials a symkurios can use are as varied as the symbols themselves. Charcoal and pen can create symbols. Tattoos, either permanent or in henna are often used to imbue magic on a person. Symbols can be embroidered on cloth. Each of these methods affects the magic subtly. Henna tattoos, for example, become less powerful as they fade. Tattoos in general are a constant drain of a Symmajea, and permanent tattoos, while powerful, tend to shorten their bearer’s natural lifespan.

Other Terms for Symkurioi

Notable Symkurioi

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