Land Stream of Magic

Land magic, or Gemajea?, is one of the Five Streams of Magic in Shijuren. It manipulates the non-living energy and matter of the universe. Most languages have their own term for a Land magician, but the Imperial term of gekurios (pl. gekurioi) is accepted across the world.

Since matter is energy and energy matter, gekurioi can manipulate any type of energy or matter to some extent. They can even affect light, depending upon power and aptitude. Theoretically, a gekurios could liberate all the energy of a thing, though no one has ever come close to that capability.

Not surprisingly, it cannot affect living beings except when a gekurios can manipulate an object around a creature or plant. For example, the Life Stream magic could induce blindness by encouraging a creature or person to stop seeing, but Land magic could simply stop light from traveling in an area.

Minerals, especially in crystal form, can enhance Land magic, though the type of mineral or crystal that is most effective depends entirely on the gekurios. Some require diamonds to enhance their power and some needs sapphires or rubies. Others, however, do better with simple quartz than a more traditionally valuable gemstone.

As mentioned, some gekurioi can convert pitchblende to Mavric iron. It is always worth remembering the health costs of working with this material, and few gekurioi are willing to make that sacrifice. Mavric iron is thus extraordinarily valuable.

In contrast to the Lore Stream of Magic, land magic is the least subtle of all of the streams.

Other Terms for Gekurioi

Notable Gekurioi

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