The Hillside is a small tavern near the Amphitheater of Achrida in the city of Achrida, Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

It is owned by Amalija Loncar.

From the Books: "The Hillside proved to be a small, odd, square building built directly into the limestone. Inside, dripping cave rock formed the back wall. The room held rickety tables, tired benches, and fresh people. Strata of memory covered the masonry walls. Nailed-up tunics competed for space with interesting paintings and illuminated manuscripts. Someone had arranged shelves adorned with sculptures and oddities around the room.

I liked the place immediately.

At one table four creatures played a serious game. They wore formless and stained smocks, three stained from paint and one from clay. At another table a tawny-haired woman with ink-stained hands looked up from a deep discussion she was having with a nattily dressed man who had accentuated his intelligent eyes with slight makeup. Two people sat on either side of a third table sitting next to the back wall. Each wore comfortable but colorful clothes. Their calm demeanor suggested that their young faces lied about their age." - ALMD , p. 199

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