Etain Muirghein

Etain Muirghein is the dominant thalassocrat of the Western Isles.

She is the captain of the ship Finola. She has an Irish wolfhound named Madra Te.

From the Books: "Irina looked at the first among equals in the Western Isles covertly as they put to sea. The woman was not tall, but almost quivered with the need to do things. She bounded around her ship, making commands that Irina did not understand.

She did not need to be beautiful for the sailors to pay attention to her, but she was. Blue eyes just a shade darker than ‘ice blue’ missed nothing. Dark hair, with auburn tones and just a bit of a wave split by a brilliant silver stripe right down middle fought to escape the leather band that held it back in the wind.

Her sailors followed her brisk commands to the letter, and Irina could see the tendrils of love flowing out of them.

No wonder she’s never lost a battle at sea. Her people think of her as mom, and for some of them she’s the closest they would have ever had. Not a good enemy. Not at all."

- Brief Is My Flame

Pronunciation: e-DAIN MOOR-en

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