Djordj Leskanovic

Djordj Leskanovic is a courier working mostly in the city of Achrida, Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira. He is one of the last remaining scions of the Leskanovic family, for which the Leskajca neighborhood where he lives is named.

He uses the Gods' Truce tavern as his base. Theophanes, the owner, allowed him to create a drop point for surreptitious packages and messages.

From the Books: "'And we can find Djordj here?'

'Iffin’ not, we’s can be waitin’. I think he’s payin’ Theophanes a bit here and there for helpin’ and passin’ messages and such-like.'

We did not need that service right then, however, as we found a tall, broad youth sprawled next to a table holding the remains of a cheese round and some bread crusts in a small little room off to one side.

'Spiridon,' he said, his high-pitched voice contrasting oddly with his size, 'what’re you needin’?'” - Where Now the Rider, p. 171.

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