Calendar of Shijuren

Year and Era

The current era is dated from the civilizations that rose after fall of the Giants. The abbreviation MG comes from the word metagigantes.

Months of the Year

Each month is 30 days long.

  • Styrtendeniht (stir-TEN-de-nikt): New Year’s Day.
  • Foarmoanne (FORE-mo-an-nah): Corresponds with late January, early February.
  • Sellemoanne (SEL-la-mo-an-nah): Corresponds with late February, early March.
  • Thunorsniht (THOO-norz-nikt): The vernal equinox.
  • Foarjiersmoanne (for-YEARZ-mo-an-nah): Corresponds with late March, early April.
  • Gersmoanne (GEHRZ-mo-an-nah): Corresponds with late April, early May.
  • Blommemoanne (BLOW-muh-mo-an-nah): Corresponds with late May, early June.
  • Wodensniht (WOAH-denz-nikt): The summer solstice.
  • Simmermoanne (SIM-mer-mo-an-nah): Corresponds with late June, early July.
  • Heamoanne (HEY-ah-mo-an-nah): Corresponds with late July, early August.
  • Rispmoanne (RISSP-mo-an-nah): Corresponds with late August, early September.
  • Wyrdsniht (WEIRDZ-nikt): The autumnal equinox.
  • Hjerstmoanne (ha-YERST-mo-an-nah): Corresponds with late September, early October.
  • Wynmoanne (WIN-mo-an-nah): Corresponds with late October, early November.
  • Slachtmoanne (SLAWKT-mo-an-nah): Corresponds with late November, early December.
  • Helsniht (HELZ-nikt): The winter solstice.
  • Wintermoanne (WIN-ter-mo-an-nah): Corresponds with late December, early January.

Days of the Week

Six days per week, five weeks per month.

  • Helimera (HELL-ee-mair-ah)
  • Selenemera (se-LAY-na-mair-ah)
  • Aremera (ARR-ee-mair-ah)
  • Hermoumera (hair-MOO-mair-ah)
  • Jovimera (YOE-vee-mair-ah)
  • Kronomera (KROW-no-mair-ah)

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