The Velikomat is the ruler of the Matriarchate of Periaslavl. The word translates to "Great Mother" in Imperial, and this is indeed the role of the Velikomat.

The Velikomat is chosen to serve as Velikodoch, the Great Daughter, by the Velikomat, but must also receive the blessing of Rurik's Pyre, as shown by a flare when the prospective Velikodoch is brought before it. It is rare for the Pyre to not bless the choice of the Velikodoch, happening only once.

Prospective candidates are selected from the the best ocharovatniki of the generation, and can come from any rank or place in society. All that matters is their skill with the Love Stream of Magic and their general personal suitability for the position.

The Velikomats seem to have some sort of symbiotic relationship with Rurik's Pyre that is not well understood. Whatever the magic and science behind the relationship, the Velikomats live very long lives, and are in fact kept in stasis from the time they are selected, usually in their mid to late teens, to the end of their reign. Since this makes them effectively immortal, or at least only one, Alisa Iosefnovna, has died while on the throne and that was because of an especially nasty plague, they have all, with that one exception, abdicated whenever the time has felt right to them. From that point on, they live out their lives, age and grow old, have had children, and were otherwise normal. While there is no specific evidence that this is caused by the Pyre, all of the Velikomats have assured researchers that this is where they feel this blessing comes from.

Starting with Feodora Borisovna?, the Velikomats were assisted by the Great Husbands?. This informal term has merely meant the ones married to the Velikomat, and accrues no official position per se. However, as the person chosing her husbands is one of the greatest practitioners of Love Magic in Shijuren, and is assisted by Rurik's Pyre, the Great Husbands have nearly always proved both loving and capable in some leadership role or another. While their first role is to serve as a repository and supply of extra energy for their Velikomat, the Great Husbands have also tended to serve as generals, diplomats, advisors, and the like.

Velikomats of Periaslavl

Helga Mikhailovna (348-387)
Feodora Borisovna? (387-498)
Lizaveta Radoslavna? (498-572)
Diana Aleksandrovna? (572-664)
Bogdana Bogdanovna? (664-701)
Ivanna Mikhailovna? (701-792)
Lyudmilya Sergeiovna? (792-894)
Nadya Miroslavna? (894-967)
Aleksandra Aleksandrovna? (967-1043)
Alisa Iosefnovna (1043-1054)
Marya Vasilovna? (1054-1112)
Agata Dominovna? (1112-1201)
Gavriila Gennadovna? (1201-1361)
Katenka Fedorovna? (1361-1423)
Ustinya Vasilovna? (1423-1501)
Olga Sergeiovna (1501-1629)
Irina Ivanovna (1629-1711)
Anzhela Tomanovna (1711-Present)

Pronunciation: vell-ee-KO-maht

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