Gods' Truce

The Gods' Truce is an inn and tavern in the Leskajca neighborhood of the city of Achrida, Dassaretum Province, Empire of Makhaira.

It is owned by Theophanes and his wife, Gbemisola.

Djordj Leskanovic, the courier, uses the God's Truce as a base. He can often be found here and Theophanes has allowed him to create a drop point for surreptitious packages and messages.

From the Books: "He led us along a road under the shadow of a series of shrines and temples that ran along the top of the ridge. Few of the limestone buildings in Achrida were painted, but he led us directly to one adorned in a riot of symbols and portraits and patterns painted haphazardly all up and down the three-story building.

'Him as is ownin’ the Gods' Truce is always lettin’ them as willin’ to be climblin’ up there paint as they wish, and they’s all tryin’ to outdo each other. We can be placin’ bets as to which godlin’ will have somethin’ painted next, or reachin’ highest, or even which is to be bein’ Gbemisola’s favorite, which she’s to be changin’ as she’s a-wishin’.'” - Where Now the Rider, p. 171.

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