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The Phases of Mars

The The Phases of Mars series is the brainchild of James L. Young. He pitched the idea of three anthologies containing excellent alternate military history, one set on the sea, one in the air, and one on land, to Chris Kennedy and thus came the Phases of Mars. Rob is proud to have contributed to all three in the series.

Those in Peril In Far Better to Dare, Capt. Arthur Crenshaw commands one of the oldest ships in the US Navy. Once the pride of the fleet, she's slow, poorly armored, and carries the lightest guns of any US capital ship. Now he finds himself leading that ship into battle off Santiago de Cuba in 1908. Unfortunately, he and the rest of the American squadron discover they're facing not one Spanish fleet, but two.

To Slip the Surly Bonds It's 1915 and Europe has exploded into war. President Theodore Roosevelt, having successfully led the US through the Spanish-American War of 1908, wants to keep the US out of the war in Europe. At the same time, though, he wants to make sure the US has the biggest possible stick in case the war comes. 'Teddy's Folly' is one of his pet projects, and the story In Dark'ning Storms tells the tale of those dedicated officers who try to show the rest of the Navy that his folly might just be worth the money after all.

Trouble in the Wind The Danes have returned to England in 991 and landed on a small island outside the town of Maldon. In Here Must We Hold, the English ealdorman Byrhtnoth gathers the fyrd of Essex to face them, but will his pride ruin everything? And who will be the heroes that step up when England most needs them?

We Dare

Jamie Ibson went to Chris Kennedy and asked about an anthology of altered humanity. Chris said to go do it, and Jamie did. When Jamie read Rob's contribution, he told Rob, "Man, that's dark." Rob laughed when he realized Jamie hadn't yet gotten to the really dark part.

We Dare The Fieldings and the Allardecks have feuded ever since they came to Mars. Now two members of the Martian Defense Force are trying to mend those fences in The Chaos of Well-Seeming Forms by getting married. In an uneasy peace between deployments, the two try to enjoy their wedding bed before battle returns.

Coming in 2020 will be the second We Dare anthology. In it, we'll discover just what caused the feud between Fieldings and the Allardecks. The red dirt of Mars will get darker as hate comes to the Red Planet.

Other Works by Rob Howell

Tony Tabby's kid sister is getting married at the Kit Kat Klub in the Big City. Trouble is, Tony Tabby and Pussy Katnip, the owner of the Kit Kat Klub, have a history and he's not welcome. And that's not including all the bad blood he's earned with the Mob in Big City. But it's his kid sister, so Tony had better get back or she ain't gonna let anyone be happy. He carries with him A Gift of Crimson, provided by the biggest boss in all of Italy, and the knowledge that sharp knives and sharper women wait for him to return home.