Official Home of Rob Howell, A Lake Most Deep cover art by Patrick McEvoy, left picture by Dale Belcher, right picture by Kate Sachs.
Rob in the Four Horsemen Universe

Rob Howell is a part of the best-selling Four Horsemen Universe. So far he has written three short stories and two full-length novel about the Queen Elizabeth's Own Foresters with more to come.

Tenacious and Versatile!

That's the motto of the Foresters, and they had better live up to it because they've earned some enemies in the galaxy by successfully fulfilling contracts over the years. Now they're in a fight for their lives, a fight that includes some Zuul, Cochkala, and Zuparti as well as the ever-meddling Veetanho.

For a Few Credits More In Where Enemies Sit, Lt. Fraser McKenzie has to face the judgment of Cochkala Peacemaker Rhan’Tlanit’Tala after his platoon wiped out a civilian colony of Zuparti alongside their Zuul mercenary protectors on the mining colony of Cimarron 283133-6A. He tries to tell Tlanit that all is not as it seems but what will the Peacemaker decree?

Luck is not a Factor The story continues in A Sword for Striking. The Foresters again face a Zuul unit, this time on Peninnah, site of their best and most lucrative contract. The Hildens share a world with the Zuparti, an uneasy balance that has prompted both races to hire mercs to protect their people. When someone ambushes the Foresters stationed on Peninnah, Warrant Officer Tristram Huddleson finds himself faced with treachery, incompetence, and Zuul exploding rockets which can penetrate his troopers' CASPer Mk. VIs. He must figure out the best path to save what he can.

The Feeding of Sorrows In the Amazon best-selling novel, The Feeding of Sorrows, Col. Roosevelt Edmonds, commander of the Foresters, discovers the events on Cimarron 283133-6A and Peninnah are merely part of a much larger plot to attack his merc company. Along the way, he discovers some unlikely allies, the strangest recruit his unit has ever seen, and foes he admires even as he orders his troops to kill them.

Gates of Hell In Fire From Fire Quickened Rick Blaine wonders just which Human is involved in betraying the Foresters. His investigation leads him across Earth, then ultimately to the Foresters home in Owen Sound, Ontario, where despite his hopes, he thinks the Foresters have a traitor in their midst. Can he find the traitor before the traitor ends the threat?

The Ravening of Wolves In The Ravening of Wolves the Foresters and the Zuul unit The Stalkers in the Stars join forces against the Zuul commander who has helped set the Foresters and the Stalkers at each others' throats for his purposes.

But Col. Edmonds does not yet have all the answers. Nor do the allies he's gathered about himself. They still must find where their real enemies sit, create a sword for striking them, and then feed them back all the sorrows they've served to the Foresters and those they call friends.